The Darlings

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advertisement: To whom it may concern.

Assalamualaikum dearies..

Lately I've been receiving few emails from some of my readers yang berminat nak advertise kat my blog. Okayh, memang tak pernah terfikir pun pasal nih sebab usually cuma advertise kan business sendirian berhad :)

Disebabkan dah ramai mula bertanya, maka saya berfikir tak salah kalau saya buka peluang untuk mereka yang berminat nak letak advertisement di blog saya nih. Untuk yang berminat, boleh pilih options di bawah:
  1. Side bar only (permanent)
  2. Entry only (randomly about the things you wanna advertise)
  3. Side bar + entry
Saya takkan charge yuran bulanan yer, means sekali anda bayar is for life time. Except if entry, everytime nak 1 new entry kena lah bayar. Kalau side bar memang permanent.

If you're interested, you may email to me at and then I will provide you the rate for the option that you choose.

Till then, have a nice day ahead dearies.


P/S: Take note yer esok last pengeposan untuk BE and SNE. Order and payment yang lambat saya akan pos next Monday because I will be on leave starting tomorrow till Sunday. Ohh and SNE trial pack 30 capsules ada 1 set for those interested, boleh email to

Thank u~